The Dark Side Behind the Wheel

Por Patricia Teixeira

Código do livro: 603969


Questões De Saúde, Automobilismo, Saúde E Fitness, Não Ficção, Esportes E Lazer

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Behind the exhilarating speed and radiant victories of Formula 1 lies a more subtle, often unseen realm. The Dark Side Behind the Wheel peels back the layers, revealing the intricate tapestry of emotions, aspirations, and vulnerabilities that each racer carries. Amidst the powerful resonance of engines, quieter personal battles wage, often hidden from the world. This book gracefully navigates the delicate balance of triumph and tribulation, highlighting the deep emotional currents these athletes navigate. From confronting the shadows of predecessors to the solitude that can shadow fame, it paints an intimate picture of their innermost journeys. As we turn each page, we're reminded that beyond the fierce competition and thrilling speeds, lies the poignant, raw, and beautifully human story of each individual behind the wheel.


ISBN 9789918006502
Número de páginas 130
Edição 1 (2023)
Formato A5 (148x210)
Acabamento Brochura c/ orelha
Coloração Preto e branco
Tipo de papel Ahuesado 80g
Idioma Inglês

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Patricia Teixeira

Hello,my name is Patricia, Formula 1 is not just a

passion; it’s a way of life for me. I immerse myself in

the world of F1 as much as possible. My background

is quite diverse, with degrees in Civil Engineering and HR with


One aspect of Formula 1 that often weighs on my mind is the

immense stress that drivers endure, especially as they become

public figures. It’s disheartening to witness the prevalence of

racism, hate, and negativity on social media directed towards

the drivers and teams. Such online hostility can cause significant


This book serves as an alert and a call to action. It aims to raise

awareness about the challenges faced by drivers and teams, but

most importantly, it emphasizes the importance of empathy

and respect from fans like myself. At the end of the day, the

individuals responsible for the teams and the drivers are, above

all, human beings with their own emotions and vulnerabilities.


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